Here’s a little update from one of the more unlikely projects of recent times. One which we first reported on back in September 2010 and concerned The RZA who had been handed a whopping $20 million dollars by Universal to go off and direct/star in his dream project, the Shaw Brothers influenced kung fu film ‘The Man With The Iron Fists’.

The film would see Russell Crowe (in a non-led, supporting role) joining his American Gangster, The Next Three Days co-star/chum working on their third movie together. Iron fists, RZA, Crowe, $20 million. Interesting.

As you can see from the photo evidence above, with some hands on guidance from producer and co-writer Eli Roth, the film has commenced shooting in China. Indeed Russell Crowe has honoured his friends request and will be spending the month of February shooting in China along with Lucy Liu, Byron Mann, Cung Lee and Daniel Wu. His part, said to be ‘The Baddest Man Alive’. Now that’s good casting.

The Man With The Iron Fists involves a weapons-forging blacksmith (RZA) in feudal China who helps the villagers out when they are forced to defend themselves.

As to the extent of Roth’s involvement, it seems he’s being pretty hands on, as was suggested by actor/stunt performer on the movie Darren E. Scott recently who writes in his blog;

“Being that RZA is acting directing and producing I unfortunately didn’t get to work with him, however I had the pleasure of being directed by Eli Roth. Eli was great to work with and keeps his direction simple & straight to the point. He complimented my performance and I was flattered beyond belief.”

What the end result will be from this is anybody’s guess, but it certainly is an intriguing project. Certain to surprise quite a few people this could play at some end of the year festivals if we’re lucky.

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This article was first posted on January 17, 2011