Scream: Ghostface’s Top 10 Kills

Scream series is no different. In 1996, the first Scream was praised for its witty, self-referential script and cast of hot young Hollywood stars €“ a new kind of horror movie for a more aware and pop culture-obsessed generation. The second film, released just a year later, tried to match its forerunner in innovation and cleverness, but far too often fell into typical horror sequel trappings. And the third film, well . . . let€™s just say that a third film does exist. Oh damn, and there is a fourth film, released just last year, that tried to cash on the series€™ popular name and a bit of €˜90s nostalgia. Was it worthy? Needless to say, the planned new trilogy it was supposed to launch has been placed on hold for now. So with that info it should be clear why this list of Ghostface€™s Top Kills is a little top-heavy. It is also worth noting that I, personally, often cite the original Scream as my favorite movie of all-time. Not best movie mind you, just the one I look back on most fondly and can re-watch over and over again. So here we go with the list:

10. Steve Orth (Scream)

It is by pure coincidence that Ghostface€™s very first onscreen kill is also first on this list. The man (and occasionally woman) clearly knows how to make a good first impression. Just a pawn in Ghostface€™s game with his girlfriend Casey, poor Steve didn€™t stand chance, especially with that tricky Friday the 13th question. We did not even get to formally meet the young man before he was eviscerated. Captured off-camera and held hostage until the time was right, Steve is gagged and strapped to a chair poolside before being shown to Casey €“ teasing her. It may have been Casey who answers Ghostface€™s query incorrectly, but Steve is definitely the one who loses. The killer efficiently and quickly (almost too quickly) disembowels the high schooler in his Woodsboro High letterman jacket before Casey can even switch the patio lights back on. With this swift and remorseless kill, audiences instantly knew this killer was the real deal. Trivia: Steve was played by actor Kevin Patrick Walls, who was only given the tiny role as compensation for just missing out on the substantially larger role of Billy Loomis.

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