Sean Bean Will Take The Throne Next To Julia Roberts in SNOW WHITE!

Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Sharpe, Troy - the typecast but bad-ass Sean Bean is The King in Tarsem Singh's re-imagining of the fairest of them all.

Snow White has never been so popular, at least that's what film studios and television networks would have us believe anyway with a boatload of productions vying for our attention in 2012. There€™s currently an ABC fantasy series in development based on the fairy tale, called Once Upon A Time, that will involve the fairest of them all and next year will see two major motion pictures battling against one another for your hard earned money. June 1st 2012 will see the release of Snow White And The Huntsman whilst a few months earlier on March 16th Relativity Media launch Tarsem Singh€™s Snow White. Not to be outdone, Warner Bros are also hoping to get in on the act and this past weekend their Harry Potter franchise director David Yates sat down with the studio to talk about a number of projects he could make as his next film, one of them being an adaptation of the Vertigo fairytale series Fables that re-imagines Snow White into the modern world. Hollywood are sure banking on our lognevity of interest in classic fairytale but one struggles to see how all of them will manage to hold an audience and keep them coming back for more. The latest update on Snow White on film comes via Tarsem Singh's film where it was announced on Friday in Variety that Sean Bean had been cast to play The King in his supposedly more faithful adaptation that is already well into filming. It seems the often typecast Sheffield born actor just can€™t get enough of those swords and shields. He is still probably best known for playing Boromir in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and was last seen on the small screen in medieval fantasy Game Of Thrones. Not to mention his battlefield productions of Sharpe, The Lost Legion, and the adaptation of Troy he has done in the past but hey, play to your strengths. I'll stay clear of any Sheffield United jokes! Singh€™s version sees Julia Roberts as the evil Queen, who being evil and all has it in for not only her husband (Sean Bean) but also her stepdaughter, the poor Snow White (Lily Collins). Maybe she should stop looking at that damned mirror! The valiant Prince (Armie Hammer) and those infamous seven dwarves come to save the day. The much more family friendly adaptation has some strong competition though from the more adult, and action based Snow White and the Huntsman at Universal. Rupert Sanders' version has Kristen Stewart in the lead (as huge a coup, if not more, than Julia Roberts in modern day cinema) with Thor's Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman and Charlize Theron also starring as the Evil Queen. But what may sway audiences is the stellar casting of the dwarves which include Ian McShane, Eddie Izzard, Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, Stephen Graham, Ray Winstone and Nick Frost. That€™s one hell of a gang right there; even one which would give Peter Jackson€™s a run for their money. The Brothers Grimm: Snow White as it as previously known but probably now just called Snow White is currently filming in Montreal and is set for that March release date. It will be out in cinemas before the darker one, but still, I think audiences would rather see Nick Frost as a bumbling dwarf than Julia Roberts been all moody. Singh has Immortals out 11th November this winter and continues his mixture of fantasy and mind bending visuals, let€™s hope he can bring a good story to the big screen as well.
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