Shia LaBeouf is A GIANT 20-Foot-Tall Man Child

Directed by Monster House’s Gil Kenan, the original quirky romance tells the love story between a broke girl and the 20 foot man child who lives next door!

Matt Holmes


Director Gil Kenan showed what a vivid imagination he had with his debut animation feature Monster House in 2006 and although his live-action, big family adventure City of Ember didn’t quite work out for him three years later (the box office failure of which cost him the directing job on Green Lantern which he was briefly attached too), there’s little doubt that there was plenty of talent on display. And his next picture sounds like one that will allow him to flex all his creative muscles.

Variety reports that Keenan has secured Shia LaBeouf to star in A Giant, a quirky romance tale he has penned about an unlucky in love and broke girl who moves back home to reconnect with her brother but ends up falling in love with a 20-foot-tall man child neighbour.

CGI from VFX outfit BUF working with Lava Bear Films and Jim Henson Co. will help LaBeouf play this impossibly tall man.

Sounds crazy and fantastical but we’re all for original ideas around here and kudos to Kenan for getting such an in-demand star for his project.

Expect this one to film next year.