Spider-Man: Far From Home - EVERY Major Rumour Ranked Worst To Best

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Spider-Man Far From Home Rumours
Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios and Sony have something of a problem with Spider-Man: Far From Home. Though we all know that it's coming, it unfortunately has to follow Avengers 4 into cinemas, which means that the marketing for the movie has to somehow get over the fact that its main character is currently still dead in the MCU.

Him returning from wherever Thanos clicked him off to was always going to be very likely, but it still raises the question of how the studios are going to market the movie without spoiling too much. Luckily for them, though, there's already enough interest in the follow up to Spider-Man: Homecoming for it to be driving its own hype at this stage.

Partly because of that spoiler question - and with its proximity to Avengers 4 - Far From Home is already generating considerable speculation, and there are a number of excellent and eye-opening rumours out there for its direction. Naturally, there are also some weird and downright erroneous ones too, but that's always part of the fun in the void before we get official news.

So what MIGHT be happening and what would be great out of those rumours?

15. Tobey Maguire Could Play Uncle Ben

Spider-Man Tobey Maguire


Former Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire could be in line to appear in Far From Home as Peter Parker's dead uncle Ben. Presumably in flash-back.


It's not going to happen, unfortunately. As much as it would be the biggest bit of fan service in the MCU to date, Kevin Feige has already talked about his reluctance to needlessly retell the Spider-Man origin story (including Uncle Ben's part) and he's not the type to go back on his word.

Hopefully, there could be space for a Maguire cameo of sorts, but not in this role. He's a decade younger than Marisa Tomei as it is, and it appears the rumour stemmed from Tom Holland saying he wished it could happen.

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