Spider-Man: Far From Home - How THAT Mid-Credits Cameo Came To Be

So... just how exactly did they get HIM back?!

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Spider-Man: Far From Home is a film of many surprises, but audiences have to wait until the end credits for its two biggest zingers. It goes without saying that MAJOR SPOILERS follow, so if you haven't seen the Homecoming sequel - or at least care about being spoiled in general - then best look away now.

Right, with that out of the way, let's talk about the film's mid-credits sequence. The post-credits tease is still pivotal (and absolutely worth staying for), but it's the first tease that's bound to get hardcore Spidey fans talking the most.

That specific reveal shows the web-slinger and MJ swinging through NYC, only to stop and acknowledge a breaking news story showing up on a screen. The newscaster tells us that it's actually Mysterio's dying declaration, and that the footage was shared by the "controversial" website known as The Daily Bugle. It's been reimagined as an Info-Wars-esque outlet, and none other than J. Jonah Jameson is at the helm - played by none other than JK Simmons, who famously portrayed the character in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films.

But how exactly did Marvel get the actor onboard? The protocol so far has been to recast whenever possible, but there was always the feeling that JK's Jonah was untouchable. Fortunately director Jon Watts has clued everyone in on how the cameo came to be, and the lengths Marvel went to to keep it a secret.

J Jonah Jameson
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Speaking to IGN, Watts revealed that as soon as the team had settled on what they wanted to do in the post-credits that "there was no discussion... everyone was in complete agreement the moment that the idea was suggested. Like, it wasn't even an idea. It was: and we'll have J. Jonah Jameson, and it will be J.K. Simmons."

Watts also revealed that when Marvel first contacted JK, the actor was "a little weirded out."

"It was definitely surreal for him because we shot at very, very, very late because we didn't want anyone to find out. So it was one of the very last things that we shot, and it was just in a conference room at Disney. We set up the green screen and his desk, and he just jumped right back into the character and it must've been so surreal for him to suddenly be doing that voice again and reading that kind of dialogue. It was so fun. I can't imagine it being anyone else."

Here's hoping that it's more than just a cameo, and that JK's here for good.

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