Spider-Man: Far From Home Must Make $1 Billion For Sony/MCU Deal To Continue

Unique contract clause means Far From Home's box office could void the Sony/Marvel Studios deal.

Spider-Man Far From Home
Sony Pictures

In an intriguing piece information, there’s a small chance – an extremely small chance – that Sony Pictures may soon regain complete control over the cinematic antics of Spider-Man.

Having held the movie rights to Spider-Man since 1999, Sony and its Columbia Pictures banner got together with Marvel Studios in 2015 to hash out a deal to bring ol’ Web-head into the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, Spider-Man is Marvel Comics’ biggest name, and an MCU without Spidey just didn’t feel quite right.

That 2015 deal saw Sony effectively borrow Spider-Man to Marvel Studios to incorporate into the MCU. Any Spider-Man pictures – i.e. Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home – were to be joint productions between Sony and Marvel Studios, with creative input from both parties on how to showcase the Wall-crawler in these movies.

Courtesy of industry newsletter The Ankler, however, Richard Rushfield has revealed an intriguing clause in this ongoing agreement. That clause states that should Spider-Man: Far From Home fail to pass $1 billion at the box office then full control of Spider-Man will revert back to Sony Pictures for a third solo outing for Tom Holland’s Spidey.

Now, $1 billion may sound like a huge amount for the movie to hit, but Far From Home is already close to taking $600 million since hitting the silver screen on July 2nd. It’s also worth considering that eight previous MCU movies have managed to surpass that $1 billion mark.

All in all, it seems highly likely that Spider-Man: Far From Home will indeed pass $1 billion – but should it not, the future of Peter Parker could be extremely different.

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