Spider-Man: Homecoming - Villain The Tinkerer Finally Revealed

The final jigsaw pieces are falling into place...

Spider-Man Homecoming The Tinkerer
Marvel Studios/Empire

It won't be long until Spider-Man's ceremonial return "home" is in cinemas and we can all stop wondering whether Marvel can do what Sony have failed to for years. Judging by the current tracking, the studio are looking at another major financial win (with a rumoured $135m opening putting it in close company with Spider-Man 3).

Even with a pretty heavy marketing campaign and some spoilerific trailers, there are still a number of mysteries left to be answered before the film's release, but we've now finally got an answer to one of them. Because we now know what Michael Chernus' The Tinkerer will look like.

And wouldn't you know it, he looks just like Michael Chernus.

The character was first unveiled by Empire Magazine in their latest issue, which describes him as The Vulture's side-kick and who will likely be one of "his boys" who follows him in his anti-Damage Control rebellion when they put his tech salvaging business out to pasture.

Eric Carroll spoke to the magazine to reveal more of the finer details on that dynamic:

"That puts him in a pretty desperate situation. So with one of the trucks they've already loaded up, he and his crew, with the help of a character called The Tinkerer, start stealing more of this exotic tech - Chitauri, Dark Elf, and even some Stark stuff - to retro-fit and sell on the black market."

The key there is the retro-fitting element, which is where The Tinkerer comes in. He's set to be a genius engineer who can invent anything out of damaged spare parts and alien technology, and while he doesn't exactly look like a threat himself, his mind makes him a valuable resource to any villain.

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