star trek search for spock

Ask your mainstream non-Trekkie what his favorite Star Trek film is, they’ll most likely say, “The one with the whales” or one of the JJ Abrams films, “The one where stuff got blowed up real good”. If you ask your loyal Trekker/Trekkie almost all of them are going to say “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”. In nearly every “Lets rank the Trek films” list, “Star Trek II” lands at the top.

I’m about to commit heresy and say the best film is actually Khan’s sequel, “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock”. Don’t get me wrong, “Wrath of Khan” is a damn good film. Khan is one of cinema’s great villains. The themes of Kirk aging and Spock’s death are powerful. It’s a very close second for me. And I’m in the camp that say it saved Star Trek. But still, when I feel like popping in a Trek film, the one I most often return to is “Search for Spock”

For many years, there was the odd-even numbered rule when it came to Trek films. The even numbered films were good, the odd numbered ones were bad. That rule being broken forever when the tenth film, “Star Trek Nemesis” bombed and put Trek in mothballs for years. And “Search for Spock” was thrown into that odd-numbered bad film list. For shame! I think its the best of the lot.

Heck, even Cosmo Kramer seemed to concur in the Seinfeld episode “The Foundation”, when he says he disagrees with Jerry that “Wrath of Khan” is the better film. You need any other proof than that? Well, just to be sure, here are seven reasons why…

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This article was first posted on July 10, 2013