Star Wars: 10 Spin-Offs We'd Actually Like To See

The Original Odd Couple Well, it's official: Star Wars is still a big deal. Frankly speaking, I had my doubts. Over the last few years, I've argued to anyone who would listen - which is just the wife, really - that Star Wars needs a forced sabbatical, just like that of Doctor Who and Star Trek. When the time was right, I wanted LucasFilm to find a director like J.J. Abrams to breathe new life into the franchise. Turns out we didn't get "a" J.J. Abrams, we got "the" J.J. Abrams. I'm still jamming that thought home. But I think it's pretty great news. In the not-so-great news department, Disney risks the possibility of spreading Star Wars too thin - with plans to deliver a currently unknown number of Star Wars movies over the coming years, there's no telling how much Star Wars we're going to have coming at us. And that's not even taking into consideration the potential TV shows and direct-to-video releases. So brace yourself, Star Wars nerds. We're probably about to get too much of a good thing. I know I'll never get that Nien Nunb movie I've always wanted, but here are a few films I would watch. Oh, who am I kidding? I'll watch anything Star Wars.
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