Star Wars 'Big Announcement' Revealed: Mark Hamill And Daisy Ridley Announce Charity Contest

The actors showed up on GMA to reveal the latest Force For Change initiative.

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Yesterday, Good Morning America teased a "big announcement" on Star Wars, with stars Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley set to reveal it on the show.

Today, we found out just what that entailed: a new contest for the Star Wars: Force For Change initiative, that aims to give back to the fans after 40 years of Star Wars.

Teaming up yet again with Omaze (who offered the chance to appear in The Force Awakens), they're offering contestants the chance to win the ultimate fan experience, with three "once-in-a-lifetime" experiences up-for-grabs. These include an overnight stay at Skywalker Ranch, a chance to appear in the upcoming Han Solo movie, and an opportunity to appear with the cast at the world premiere of The Last Jedi. All of this is to support two charities: Unicef and Starlight.

Entrants for any week will be able to win the grand prize, which is all three of the aforementioned opportunities, with Skywalker Ranch being the first up - leading to some very scripted banter between Hamill and Ridley (it works though because they're both so lovely). An extended, and better, version of the announcement was later released by Star Wars:

It may seem a little underwhelming, given the hype GMA gave to the announcement, but then anything too big surrounding the actual franchise was unlikely as Star Wars Celebration is just a few days away.

It's nonetheless a nice way of rewarding fans and aiding two charities, with various other prizes on offer for donations outside of the sweepstakes, including t-shirts and iron-on patches. Full details can be found here.

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