Star Wars: 8 Ways The Last Jedi Says F**k You To J.J. Abrams

8. Discarding All The "Luke's First Scene" Potential

Star Wars The Last Jedi Luke Skywalker

One of the most popular sci-fi characters of all time, Luke's return to the big screen after 30 years of appearances in books and ancillary media was set to be a huge thing, and not only for Star Wars fans.

As such, Luke was intentionally kept out of The Force Awakens' marketing, and though in retrospect you can say this was down to not wanting to mislead the audience, many came out of that film still thinking they'd been hoodwinked. Whilst I'm not giving credence to the latter's point of view, the closing scene was most definitely shot to build up to Luke's first words.

Whatever they were going to be would certainly go down in cinema history, and perhaps as an admission of how much Johnson didn't want to deliver on that weight, Luke's first words are... replaced by throwing his lightsaber away.

It's certainly a memorable moment, sure, but for all the wrong reasons. Stitching those scenes together means we get all of the buildup and none of the pay-off, and though you can say "That's the point", it isn't satisfying, rewatchable, memorable or anything other than "subversive", which as many seem to confuse, doesn't make it good.

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