Star Wars Episode 7: 5 Reasons It Could Be Awesome and 5 Reasons It Could Suck

With George Lucas stepping away from the Star Wars franchise and handing the reins over to Disney, the Mouse House…

Brandon Jacobs


With George Lucas stepping away from the Star Wars franchise and handing the reins over to Disney, the Mouse House announced that they would be diving in head first and deliver the beginning of a new trilogy to cinemas as soon as 2015. Fans now have a myriad of possibilities to consider, including what stories will be told, what characters will be involved, and who will direct. Perhaps more so than any other fan base, Star Wars fans are a divided bunch, with some just wanting the series to be left alone, while others just can’t get enough and crave more. Understandably, this recent acquisition is equally divisive.

The Star Wars brand is entering uncharted territory, and with its future so uncertain, there are multiple ways of looking at the situation. In some ways, the future of Star Wars is brighter than ever. One only needs to look at the direction Disney has taken with Pixar and Marvel to see that Star Wars is in good hands. It is very possible that we could get a new trilogy that expands the mythology while honoring and staying true to the past films. On the other hand, one can’t help but feel uncomfortable knowing that Disney could also fail and further damage the brand. The situation is certainly a double edged sword, and it could swing either way, so here are 5 reasons why Disney’s Star Wars could be awesome and 5 reasons why it could suck.

5 Awesome Reasons;


5. More Star Wars

This reason is admittedly pretty simple. We love Star Wars, and so news that we’ll be getting more of it is a good thing, superficially of course. It is still way too soon to tell whether these new films will be worthy of the name, but never the less, the announcement of a new trilogy is huge news. Old fans will be able to once again see the Star Wars universe on the big screen, while new audiences will be introduced to it, creating a new legion of fans.

Of course, fans have always had plenty of Star Wars goodness to chew on outside of the six films, but the films have always remained the core of the franchise, so much so that news of more films will always be explosive, as this previous Tuesday established. New Star Wars movies also keep the material fresh, giving fans something to always talk, debate, and geek out over, and it sounds like Disney will be doing just that for a very long time.