Star Wars Episode 9: 12 Rumours You Need To Know

11. "Mara"

Mara Jade Skywalker

While Episode IX is rounding out the story of Rey, Kylo et al (at least for the short-term future), it will be introducing a few new faces too, one of whom has a name familiar to any fans of the EU.

According to That Hashtag Show, Lucasfilm are looking for "a female lead, 40-50 years old, to play the role of “Mara." The female lead is interesting enough, but it's the name Mara that catches the eye. That's because it's also the name of Luke's wife in the EU (now Legends), Mara Jade.

While it's unlikely that the character will actually appear, the casting has at least led to speculation about the chances of it, although it'd have to be in some sort of dream sequence.

The more likely option is that it's simply a codename that will eventually be changed for the movie itself, and the character is someone who could be brought in to help lead the Resistance, or perhaps even the First Order, since both sides have suffered some casualties recently.

Likelihood: 1/10 for Mara Jade, 9/10 for the character described.


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