Star Wars: Episode IX - 9 Reasons JJ Abrams Is The Right Choice To Direct

He knocked it out of the park last time, so what's to hate?


After a surprisingly short wait from the firing of Colin Trevorrow to the hiring of a new director, Lucasfilm have revealed that J.J. Abrams - of Lost, Super 8, Star Trek and Star Wars: The Force Awakens fame - will be at the helm for Star Wars: Episode IX.

And while it's great to hear that the production is back on track, the announcement itself was met with a decidedly mixed reception.

On the one hand, there are people who loved The Force Awakens and think that Abrams is the right choice to finish what he started, but on the other, there are people who dislike how much his Star Wars movie 'borrows' elements from A New Hope. Will Episode IX just be another rehash?

Well, for obvious reasons, it's hard to say anything about the nature of Episode IX. We don't know anything about the story, we don't know where it will pick up, and we don't know which characters will be involved - we haven't even seen Episode VIII!

But what we do know is that J.J. Abrams will direct - and that's good news. It's hard to think of a better choice to bring the trilogy to its close, and here's why.


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