Star Wars Episode VII: 5 Plots For Sequel Trilogy

Since a recent press release revealed that the new Star Wars Trilogy will be staying away from the events of…

Stephen Higham


Star Wars

Since a recent press release revealed that the new Star Wars Trilogy will be staying away from the events of the Expanded Universe, we spare a thought or five, considering what could happen in the hazy possible futures of the Star Wars Universe. Join us on a journey of speculation and guess work.

5. The Jedi New Order


As the final credits of Return of the Jedi roll a number of things seem evident. First, the Emperor is dead, second Han and Leia are ready to make babies and third Luke is going to bring back the Jedi order, passing on his vast knowledge of the force.

But hang on a second… does anyone else think Luke’s jedi training was a little lacking in certain areas? Despite being personally tutored by the greatest jedi of all time he only really spent a number of days being educated. In Star Wars (Episode IV) Luke begins his training but after only about five minutes of half hearted deflecting his party are pulled into the Death Star where his wise tutor meets his untimely end. In The Empire Strikes Back Yoda fares only a little better in his attempts to educate despite the intenseness of his teaching as Luke abandons his new master to save his friends mere days after arriving on Dagobah. Arguably, Luke does spend about 8 months in between Empire and Jedi teaching himself about the force but compare this to Anakin’s training which lasts over a decade and its clear that almost all of the Jedi wisdom passed from the galaxy far far away along with Yoda.

Considering the amount of ignorance in poor Luke and considering how unfortunate the result of Anakin’s late-in-life conversion to the ways of the force was J.J. Abrams and his team might create a gripping tale based around a new Jedi order living life too close to the dark side, walking a tight rope between good and evil, wisdom and chaos. An all new generation of Jedi and Sith could be about to be born and all because of Luke’s failure to complete his training.