Star Wars: Rogue One - 13 Things You Missed In The Teaser Trailer

Is that clear?


We're right in the midst of trailer season right now, with big teasers arriving for major 2016 releases such as Suicide Squad, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and most recently Marvel's Doctor Strange. 

The first to arrive in this ballroom blitz of trailers was Rogue One, and for me it was also the best. Admittedly I'm biased towards Star Wars, but even putting that aside it was a fantastic teaser for a movie that's been shrouded in secrecy up to this point, introducing us to the cast, setting the tone, and perfectly recreating the Star Wars world without giving too much away. 

It's an action-packed trailer, meaning that there's an awful lot going on that's vying for your attention. For that reason the immediate focus is on the character of Jyn Erso, Star Wars' newest loner lead (though with more of a rebellious streak to her), and standout set-pieces such as the incredible shot of the Death Star and the (slightly streamlined) AT-ATs on the beach. 

It means the trailer is certainly worth watching a second (and 3rd,4th...20th) time, because there are lots of little details and nods to the franchise's past (well, technically its future) that you might have missed first time around. 


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