Star Wars Rumour: Han Solo Movie Plot And Planet Details Revealed

Meanwhile, Ron Howard is teasing the Falcon.

Han Solo

While the focus largely remains on The Last Jedi, there is still another Star Wars movie coming hot on its heels.

The currently untitled Han Solo 'Story' will be along just a few months later, hitting cinemas in May 2018, but we're haven't heard much on how the story of the film is shaping up.

Ron Howard is doing some increasingly extensive filming on the movie after the departure of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and now Making Star Wars are reporting some potential new key details about the movie. According to the site, the following planets are set to appear in the film: Corellia, Kessel, Iridium, Savareen, and Vandor.

Corellia and Kessel are both obvious, since they're crucial to the backstory of Han Solo, but the other planets are a little more intriguing. They've all shown up in at least the Expanded Universe, and fit as places a smuggler would show up (Iridium is described as dangerous, Savareen known for its brandy). The report does note that, while Vandor does exist, it's quite possible this is actually Fondor, a planet that's being included in the forthcoming Battlefront II.

The site also outlines what they believe will be the structure of the movie's plot: starting with a young Han on Corellia, we'll then see him and mentor Beckett arrested and taken to Kessel, where Solo will meet and free Chewie, and then go off and eventually meet Lando and win the Falcon. It incorporates a number of key beats you'd expect to see in a Han Solo movie - the Kessel Run, life debt, maybe Jabba, etc - so it certainly fits.

While the focus is on Episode VIII, you'd think Lucasfilm will need to start ramping up the marketing for this film soon as well, which should give us a better idea of just what it's going to be like. For now, we'll have to make do with Howard's behind-the-scenes photos, the latest of which shows off a smuggler sneaking along the corridors of the Millennium Falcon (which is going to be a lot cleaner than we're used to):

Are you excited for the Han Solo movie? What do you want to see? Let us know down in the comments.

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