Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 7 Deleted Scenes You Need To See

These are the scenes you were looking for.


The Force Awakens has come to the end if its record-breaking run in cinemas, which of course means it's now time to 'bring the Force home' on Blu-Ray. 

In many ways, this will be the true test of its quality and standing amongst the saga's other films. Many Star Wars fans, myself included, have grown up with the films on VHS or DVD, and been able to experience them over years and years - with The Force Awakens, its placing in this pantheon can be judged once it's sat on that same shelf, and been endlessly rewatched. 

It should certainly hold up to repeat viewings at home at least, as it definitely did in the cinema, but one of the more intriguing prospects of its release are the deleted scenes. It's became apparent in the months since that quite a lot of the film was left on the cutting room floor, and changes were made pretty late in the day. 

With that in mind, the deleted scenes - much like the expanded story in the novelisation - are a chance to shed new light on things, give us more understanding of characters, and fill in a couple of gaps. 

There may not be anything movie-changing here (nothing involving Maz and the lightsaber, for example), but they're still fun to watch, flesh things out a bit more, and if nothing else give us more Star Wars to pass the time before Rogue One in December. 

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