Star Wars: The Last Jedi - 10 Ways It Sets Up Episode IX

Force kids, assemble!

star wars kylo ren

On a story level, Star Wars: The Last Jedi might be the most subversive movie in the history of the franchise.

Questions are answered in unexpected ways, characters make big, bold decisions, and as it turns out, Luke's line from the main trailer "this is not going to go the way you think" was spoken to us, the viewers, the people who've spent years theorising and speculating.

Given this unpredictable turn Star Wars just took, you'd think it would prove impossible to guess exactly how Episode IX will shake out, but The Last Jedi, though it focuses on wrapping up several threads from Episode VII, creates several new ones on which Episode IX could pull.

The sequel is exactly two years away so Disney and Lucasfilm have a lot of time to hash out a story plan, and based on where The Last Jedi leaves the universe and its characters, there are a lot of things that are likely to happen next.

From returning characters to love triangles and that final Canto Bight scene, The Last Jedi sets up a large-scale, hopeful, and emotionally-complex end to the modern Star Wars trilogy. Spoilers ahead!


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