Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Kylo Ren's New Ship Leaked

Villain gets his own bad-ass new ride.

Kylo Ren Ship The Last Jedi

It looks like Kylo Ren's got a new Jedi hunting toy.

Thanks to some sleuthing by Making Star Wars we've now got some idea of what the Star Wars: The Last Jedi villain will be flying around in for the sequel. Judging by the design, he's looking for a sleeker, quicker upgrade on his Shuttle from The Force Awakens.

The design was revealed by Hot Wheels and seems to be a variation of a TIE Interceptor, customised to Ren's specific requirements for Jedi hunting. Whether it will be used as his current ship or for the flash-back sequence involving him destroying Luke's Jedi school with the Knights Of Ren remains to be seen.

Previously Making Star Wars reported some other details on his potential new ship:

"The custom ship was supposedly made to his specifications so he could take down the Resistance and I believe we see Kylo fly from the Mega Destroyer in his new ship."

It's only right that he gets his own bad-ass ship, given how closely Darth Vader is tied to his custom experimental TIE fighter - it not only allows him to emulate his grandfather but also backs up his mythology as one of the galaxy's most competent pilots who needs something more to fit his skills.

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