Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Sounds Like Yoda Is Returning...

Confirm or deny, there is no abstaining from answering...


It could have been safely assumed that Yoda wasn't going to be a big part of the new trilogy of Star Wars films, on account of the fact that he's been dead for a couple of decades now. But The Force, like life... ah... ah.... finds a way, it seems.

The Internet is now awash with conspiracy theories about the Jedi Master's possible return for The Last Jedi after Frank Oz was interviewed and casually refused to rule his character out of the film when rumours were brought up. Now, why would anyone be so evasive if they weren't guarding a big fat yes?

Oz is currently at South By Southwest promoting his new documentary, Muppet Guys Talking: Secrets Behind The Show The Whole World Watched, and Variety reports that while he candidly answered questions about Muppets, as soon as Yoda cropped up, he was noticeably more guarded. Here's his response to the rumours of Yoda being in The Last Jedi:

I feel like I’m a prisoner at war here, and I can only give you my name, rank and serial number. To be true to the people who asked me, and they are kind of my family, I have to say I’ve been asked not to talk about it. I love Yoda. I would be happy to talk to you about it at the time they let me.

You could say he's just being polite to a production he has no part in, to let them build their own hype, or you could be sensible and jump on the six most important words in that response: “at the time they let me”. Why would there be an embargo on him saying he's not involved?

There wouldn't be.

So, could he be the titular Last Jedi? In purely semantic terms, he actually WAS the last Jedi for a while, after Obi-Wan was killed and before he shuffled off the mortal coil himself. So there's an argument for it, if you choose to believe LucasFilm would be that pedantic with their titles, anyway...

Either way, it'd be nice to see the old fella once more, and his appearance in a film that is widely expected to focus on Rey's training with the Force (as a poetic parallel to The Empire Strikes Back, since it all rhymes) would make a lot of sense.

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