Star Wars Theory: Was Kylo Ren Inspired To Kill SPOILER By Han Solo's Past?

Let the past die, eh?

Kylo Ren Qira

Ben Solo became Kylo Ren in part because of how Han was as a father. While it was more down to Snoke's manipulation, the fact that Han wasn't all that great a dad certainly played its part.

That ultimately led to Kylo killing Han in The Force Awakens, but could his father have had a major influence on the other big murder of Ben's life? It might've done, according to a compelling new fan theory from Redditor I_Brittad_It.

In Solo, Han's fate looks sealed when he has to face Dryden Vos, only for Qi'ra to step in and not just save the day, but kill her own boss. The theory posits that Han would've told such a story to a young Ben, imprinting upon him the idea of how to rise to the very top.

It's a memory that he recalled as he prepared to walk into the throne room, knowing his boss was probably going to kill the person he had a connection to, resulting in him stepping in and murdering Supreme Leader Snoke in a shocking twist. And it's not just to save Rey/Han, but in the cases of both Kylo and Qi'ra it was a means of climbing the ranks and assuming the position of power.

It's by no means a clear-cut theory, nor one that's likely to be confirmed or refuted anytime soon, but it does fit with what we've seen on screen and adds a nice new layer to the relationship between Han and Ben Solo (and of course Han would be the kind of father to tell his son of mob bosses being killed, and of course that's what Kylo would remember).

What do you think of this theory? Let us know down in the comments.

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