Suicide Squad 2: 12 Perfect Villains (And Who Should Play Them)

Natalie Dormer is Killer Frost.

Suicide Squad 2 Killer Frost Natalie Dormer
Warner Bros & The CW

Suicide Squad may have been one of the biggest cinematic disappointments of last year, but it made almost $750 million worldwide at the box office, which essentially ensures that a sequel will be on the way soon enough.

The early word suggests that Suicide Squad 2 is aiming for a 2018 start date, but with the vocal fan criticism of the first movie, it goes without saying that David Ayer and Warner Bros. will need to think long and hard about the follow-up if they want to sustain their audience.

With a few of the Squad's members getting wiped out at the end of the previous film, there are certainly some open positions waiting to be filled, and of course, Amanda Waller will no doubt have a new threat for the team to reluctantly take on.

These villains, either as members of the team or antagonists to the Suicide Squad, would be a neat fit for the style and tone established by the first film, and might even inject a little more fun into proceedings...if Warner Bros. doesn't keep meddling with the DCEU's films, that is...


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