Suicide Squad: David Ayer Regrets Not Making The Joker The Big Villain

Yeah, me too mate.

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Regret is a terrible thing. It can twist you up until you're unrecognisable, poisoning you with bile and making it so that every achievement you've ever made feels hollow and unworthy. It's also really, really hard to wash out.

Just ask David Ayer, who has finally admitted what everyone who watched his CGI monstrosity Incubus and whacky inflatable waving arm witch Enchantress underwhelm their way through Suicide Squad in disgust: that the Joker should have been the main villain.

He revealed as much to his Twitter followers, after revealing also that the fallacy of there being lots more Joker footage missing is untrue:“there’s maybe a few minutes shot with Jared. There are not endless Joker scenes under guard somewhere. Sorry.” He followed that up with the far more newsworthy admission:

Good, at least he knows - that might make the prospect of him potentially making more movies with the character a little more palatable - if the DCEU gets there, anyway.

It's been very well-publicised just how edited out the Joker was from Suicide Squad - with suggestions that his role and dynamic with Harley Quinn were both massively changed by studio interference - and the fact that Warner Bros persisted with the alternative is just ludicrous. But here we are.

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