Superman v Batman

Since DC Comics first started publishing Superman and Batman stories, the two figureheads of their company have constantly been compared. They can be seen as mirror images, moral opposites, yin and yang. Superman as the golden boy, the celebrated hero, the moral do-gooder. Superman prides himself on his image and the people that idolize and love him, he takes pride in ‘doing the right thing’. Batman however doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, doing what has to be done.

In their functionality as a hero, they also operate completely differently. Being an alien from Krypton, Superman has several genetic traits, including practical indestructibility, heat vision, super strength, agility, among many others. This paints him primarily as a warrior, who solves his problems using his genetic skill-set with little after-thought. Batman, is ultimately just a determined man. He relies on his expert knowledge of martial arts, and close quarter combat skills in addition to a wealth of stealth tactics. He typically plays more as the detective, than a combatant.

For many the argument is clear, Superman has a vast array of powers and physical strength that Batman can’t compete with. Or so you’d think. Join us, as we decipher 10 key reasons while the heightened human tactician would be able to defeat the Kryptonian wonder-boy.

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This article was first posted on July 22, 2013