Superman: Ranking All Lois Lane Performances - Worst To Best

Which actress best captured her firecracker attitude and strong convictions?

As the girlfriend and future wife of Superman, Lois Lane has been able to soar past what readers perceived about a damsel in distress to become just as iconic as the Man of Steel himself. Having first appeared alongside Superman in Action Comics #1, the character of a spunky girl reporter was nothing new. Just like Dale Arden of Flash Gordon and the Torchy Blane films before her, Lois had some big time predecessors. But these days, Lois has handily surpassed those ladies to becoming one of the great comic book supporting characters. In film and television, Lois has been involved in nearly every piece of adapted Superman media ever made. A long list of wonderful and talented actresses have stepped up to don the press bade of Lois Lane, crafting their own distinct vision of the character. Noel Neill was the first woman to ever give life and voice to Lois, with a very fresh flavor and charm. Since then, she's been portrayed by women such as Margot Kidder, Erica Durance and Kate Bosworth. Lois has had many faces in film and tv, where the different portrayals have all been quite different, yet still retain all the best aspects of the character. Her firecracker attitude and strong convictions make her a wonderful character to look up to, and has been a part of all the best interpretations of the character. So it's time to fire it up, and see where each version of the live-action Lois Lanes rank from worst to best.

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