Superman Vs. Batman: 10 Reasons It Isn’t A Good Idea Yet

Comic-Con has come and gone but with it came one of the most enticing bombshells to ever come out of…

Robert Kojder



Comic-Con has come and gone but with it came one of the most enticing bombshells to ever come out of the convention. A movie decidedly titled either Superman Vs Batman or Batman Vs Superman came to light and is scheduled for 2015. On the surface it admittedly sounds freaking awesome and a project to eagerly await. I am certain that Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer will deliver an entertaining action spectacle but after weighing pros and cons in my mind I have come to a realization that at this point in time… there are not many pros.

It is never enjoyable being the only skeptical and cynical person around but if you bear with me I think you will find my reasons insightful and eye opening. I will see the movie regardless and most likely enjoy it but there is quite a lot of off putting aspects to the project even without heading into production yet. On with the list but first a fair warning: SPOILERS are present for both Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and Snyder’s Man of Steel.

10: Undercooked Characters


Man of Steel served as an insightful introduction to Superman but do you remember how it ended? Clark Kent just received a job writing for The Daily Planet alongside equally iconic love interest Lois Lane. I do not believe Snyder’s superhero universe will follow through with a cheesy subplot where Lois is oblivious to the fact that Clark is actually the man of steel but some broad relationship expansion between the two characters couldn’t hurt. Don’t also forget an already crowded supporting cast including Diane Lane, Russell Crowe, and Laurence Fishburne.  You just know the inclusion of Batman will steal time away from expanding on Snyder’s other characters.

Snyder’s characters still need developing before clashing universes. Seriously, name one interesting scene in Man of Steel with Laurence Fishburne. These are areas a sequel should be sharpening.