Terminator 2 Cast: Where Are They Now?

25 years after postponing Judgment Day, what are they all up to?

Universal Pictures

It's almost hard to believe, but 3 July will mark the 25th anniversary of Terminator 2: Judgment Day's release, an event that saw the film dominating the box office for several weeks through the summer of 1991 before going on to leave a lasting impression on pop culture.

The massive sequel eclipsed its 1984 predecessor in nearly every way, and to this day is still considered by many to not just be a sequel better than the original, but one of the greatest sequels of all time. In the years since its release, the Terminator franchise continued on through further sequels, a television show, comics, video games, theme park attractions, and more, but the series never again reached the heights of the second movie.

Over the years, the film's small but incredibly memorable cast have gone on to many other things, from TV and film roles to gubernatorial positions, though they'll forever be identified by fans with their turns in the iconic film.

In honor of the film's big birthday, let's take a look at the cast to see what they've been up to since and what they've got on the way...


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