Terminator: Dark Fate: 6 Things It MUST Do To Be A Good Sequel

Its future is not set.

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Reboot, re-write, retcon? Does it even matter?

Sure, Terminator: Dark Fate comes attached with the promise of wiping clear the previous three sequels. But didn't the last Terminator resurgence, aka Genisys, promise the exact same thing? If so, what really is the handle of this new incarnation, if not another last-ditch attempt to revive a franchise which lost its magic over two and a half decades ago?

Well, that's the negative way of looking at it. But imagine the joy in our hearts if Dark Fate does somehow, and in some way, deliver a sequel worthy of T2: Judgement Day. The one advantage of it being movie number 6, is that it has a wealth of failed source-material to learn from, and two undisputed earlier classics from which to draw the finest elements.

Either way, looking at things from a mechanical point of view, failure is not an option. Unless Dark Fate rises like a phoenix, Hollywood can as good as tank the franchise for good. So here's what it should and should not do.

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