The seventh entry into the Texas Chainsaw – unimaginatively titled Texas Chainsaw 3D – series hit cinemas last Friday, and unsurprisingly, it was not screened for critics, an assurance that the film was going to be heavily panned whenever they bothered seeing it out of their own pocket, and also that it was probably as terrible as it looked. I slunk down to a London cinema Friday evening to see the film for myself, and you can see my written review here, which suggests it might be an early contender for the worst film of 2013. The film currently sits at 21% on Rotten Tomatoes after only 43 reviews, with a shockingly low average score of 3.6, supporting my view that it is a turgid, lazy, tone-deaf horror sequel that’s poorly assembled in pretty much every way that a film can be.

Check out our video review above to see some clips from the film, contrasted with the far superior Tobe Hooper 1974 original, as well as some of its equally unsavoury genre brethren (the 2011 The Thing, for starters), and the absurd glut of sequels, remakes and prequels that this series has tragically had to endure. Leatherface deserved better than to be reduced to a sympathetic joke horror character, did he not?


Did you suffer Texas Chainsaw 3D this weekend? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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This article was first posted on January 7, 2013