Thanos Uses The Power Stone In New Avengers: Infinity War TV Spot


Infinity War Thanos Power Stone
Marvel Studios

Thanos collecting and then using all of the Infinity Stones - and the Avengers attempts to stop him - is the crux of Infinity War in its simplest form.

While it's still unknown whether or not he'll get all six of them, the trailers have consistently shown him with at least two, the Space Stone and Power Stone, while a recent TV spot showed us that he gets at least four, including the mysterious Soul Stone. Of those, we've only seen him use the Space Stone, to transport himself to Wakanda, but a new TV spot shows him using the Power Stone too.

The close-up of the Infinity Gauntlet means it's difficult to garner context from the scene, although the backdrop does look similar to where we've seen Thor and Thanos together, so perhaps this is around the same time as the head crush and the destruction of the Asgardian ship, which he accomplishes with the stone.

Do you think Thanos will obtain all six Infinity Stones? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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