Let’s all face it, The Amazing Spider Man was not the movie we were expecting. Whether you are a die hard fan like me who perhaps got you’re hopes up a little bit too much, or you are a regular moviegoer who is only familiar with the Sam Raimi series, then you may have felt dissapointed due to the movie not being as good as you thought it would be or being too similar to the Raimi trilogy.

Whatever type of Spidey fan you are, here are five reasons that should be considered for next summer’s The Amazing Spider Man 2.


8. What About That “Untold Story” We Were Promised?

untold story

The Amazing Spider Man was tag-lined and advertised as ‘The Untold Story’. Director Marc Webb really should have called it ‘Sam Raimi’s story but with some twists’. I suppose the untold part we got was about the fact Peter’s parents were featured in the movie and clearly something happened to them and they are now dead.

Let’s hope this sequel diverges more into the reason behind Peter Parker’s parents and what happened to them. I know this is unlikely but incase Sony and Marvel want to get over themselves and merge the two together, please reveal that his parents were in fact S.H.I.E.L.D agents like in the comic books. We can dream, cant we?

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This article was first posted on April 2, 2013