The Avengers 2: 5 Female Avengers We Don’t Want to See

Although The Avengers was light on female superheroes and we would like to see more, these five should be kept well away from the sequel.

Daniel Bowen


Before you start calling me out for being sexist, just know that I really, really, really think The Avengers film series needs more female superheroes. In fact, it is shocking how little films nowadays in the over saturated (but arguably awesome) comic book genre are led by kick-ass female characters, although we all know they are out there.

What is arguably more surprising is, Joss Whedon, director of The Avengers and soon to be directing The Avengers 2, is known for his portrayal of strong, mostly super-powered women in the 4 TV series’ he was executive producer of (Buffy and many more in Buffy, Illyria in Angel, River Tam in Firefly and Echo in Dollhouse) however The Avengers was very short on female characters. This is most likely why Black Widow was many peoples surprisingly favourite character from The Avengers, because Whedon missed directing strong female characters (in fact he has been pretty open about this in interviews). She had a lot of scenes dedicated to her in that film (many more than poor Jeremy Renner).

Now it’s pretty much a given that Black Widow will return in the sequel and sequels, and it is very likely considering Edgar Wright’s Ant Man film is expected the same year as The Avengers 2 (probably) that one of the original members of The Avengers in the comics, Ant Man’s wife, Wasp, will be somehow involved in his films. Joss Whedon even stated that he tried to include her in the first movie, but wasn’t able to fit her in with all of the awesome male characters that movie was chock full of.

Since it was first announced that Whedon was directing The Avengers, people have been trying to guess which female superheroes he would include in his line-up of characters. I don’t know about you, but although I am desperate for more female roles in the sequels, there are many many many female Avengers that I hope, at least in this current version and vision of The Avengers are left completely out of the movie.

Here are my five choices, in order, of which female Avengers should be left out of the sequels. Prepare to disagree.