The Batman: 1990s Setting And New Logo Revealed?

The Dark Knight, Pogs and Beanie Babies?

The Batman Rumoured Logo

If you're one of the millions of Marvel fans who have flocked to the cinema in the past few weeks to catch Captain Marvel smashing aliens and the patriarchy, you'll already be very aware that there's something magical about that film's 1990s nostalgia. Perhaps it's because there weren't that many truly great superhero movies in the 1990s? Or maybe we're all just so old now that we need constant reassurance that we were once young and the slow, cold march to the grave isn't all there is?

Regardless of all that emo nonsense, it looks like we might be heading back to the 1990s for one of the biggest upcoming superhero movies, if the latest rumour is anything to go by.

According to Discussing Film, Matt Reeves' The Batman will be a detective story set in the decade of Girl Power, Blockbuster Video and Furbies. Their report suggests the film will see The Dark Knight tackling a mystery that returns him to his detective roots and that Reeves is currently rewriting it to add some more action.

As additional detail, they say that Reeves will be hiring a known actor - which fits with the profile of the likes of Armie Hammer, who has been heavily linked with the role - and that the project will also look to cast younger versions of Jim Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth, which makes sense, given how integral they are to Batman's early days.

At the same time, a rumoured new logo appeared on Twitter for the film, which looks to take a lead from the so-called Fat Bat chest logo from Ben Affleck's time as the character...

Whether that's legit or not, we'll have to wait and see. But it would be nice to have a logo whose font owes so much to the Batman: The Animated Series font (at least on those rounded As).

What do you think of this news?

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