The Batman: 7 Challenges Matt Reeves Must Overcome

Can he get the DC movie universe back on track and give us the Batman movie we deserve?

Warner Bros.

Now that the upcoming solo Batman movie has found a director, it’s time to start thinking about what audiences can expect. Though Ben Affleck leaving smarts, Matt Reeves is an inspired choice, likely to respect the caped crusader's legacy while also creating something that carries his own stamp as he did with the latest Planet of the Apes Movies.

His mixture of large spectacle movies (Cloverfield) and more thoughtful fare (Let Me In) makes him individually suited to giving us a balanced Batman that isn’t afraid to delve into Wayne’s troubled psyche in between the obligatory action set-pieces. He's an intelligent, impressively varied film-maker, and his hiring is an exciting development for the DCEU.

However, it’s not all going to be plain sailing: the DC movie universe hasn’t had the easiest time of it so far, with a string of critical flops that mean the studio is likely to expect Reeves to break this cycle, no matter how much they all made.

No pressure there then.

And those expectations of delivery will have to overcome several notable hurdles if Reeves is going to make a Batman solo movie that cleans the slate and gets the DC cinematic universe back on track...


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