The Batman: 7 Reasons George Miller Must Replace Ben Affleck

7. He Makes Great Villains

Warner Bros.

Even Chris Nolan knew that larger than life, theatrical villains are the key to making the best Batman films, and though it has gone a little far in the past (under Joel Schumacher's watch, mostly), the same approach is still very much welcomed. In terms of the comic book's logic, Batman's villains have to offer him balance: they need to be as absurd and as monstrous as him, or his whole image and symbolism is redundant.

Now take a look at Miller's Mad Max villains, and tell me they aren't exactly how you'd want Batman's future villains to be. Toecutter and his gang of motorcycle monsters, Wez and his goons, Aunty Entity and Immortan Joe absolutely exist in the same grotesque space as The Joker, The Penguin, Two Face and the Scarecrow: what worked for the Max villains would absolutely work Batman's.

And having more human characters with grandiose levels of villainy is exactly what we need after the weird mesh of Lex Luthor's precocious dotcom evil and the unfathomable, unsatisfying scale of Doomsday.

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