The Batman: EVERY Major Rumour Ranked Worst To Best

New friends and old foes in Gotham?

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Even though it feels like the new Batman movie has been in production for ages now, there's a definite lack of concrete information for fans to really get their teeth into. Luckily for Warner Bros, the one real bit of information we do know is an exciting bit: Ben Affleck has handled the reins over to Matt Reeves, who steered the Planet Of The Apes movies to such greart success.

He's still said to be writing the script at this stage, with numerous points of reference already mentioned and lots of speculation flooding in to fill the vacuum created by the lack of genuine updates. The new director taking his time is absolutely not a problem (and distance from Justice League and Batman v Superman might not be the worst thing), but it's inevitable that fans will flock to any tidbits of info hungrily.

Unfortunately, that means picking the rumours that could be true from the ones everyone might just WANT to be true is a difficult prospect, but it's certainly worth consideration. Not least because some of the supposed "leaks" could end up being so exciting.

So, what has the rumour mill been saying about Reeves' upcoming "reboot"...?

15. Deathstroke Will Appear

Justice league Deathstroke

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After he was revealed before Justice League and even before he turned up in the Legion Of Doom set-up in the post-credits scene of that movie, it looked like Joe Mangianello's Deathstroke was being set up as the villain in The Batman.

Manganiello even seemed to confirm that he'd met with Ben Affleck specifically to discuss the villain's appearance.


It might have been the case at one point, but the project has moved on now, and it looks like the only place we'll see Deathstroke is in the Legion Of Doom movie that seems to have been shelved at the moment. So it's all a little up in the air.

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