The Batman Gets A 2021 Release Date, Ben Affleck Is Out

Matt Reeves' upcoming DC movie will land summer 2021, but who'll play the Caped Crusader?

Matt Reeves The Batman
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After a lot of speculation, we finally have some concrete info on Matt Reeves' upcoming Batman movie: The Batman will release on June 25, 2021, and Ben Affleck isn't returning.

The first piece of news follows on from an interview Reeves gave saying believed the film would be released in 2021. A new report from Deadline has now confirmed the date, adding that Affleck won't be returning for the film.

That part isn't a surprise either, but it's nice to have some confirmation on it after what feels like years of 'in-out-in-out shake-it-all-about rumourmongering and hearsay over his involvement in the film. As previously reported, Reeves' Batman is going to focus on a considerably younger version of the Dark Knight, Affleck himself has commented on the news, saying that he's excited to see Reeves' vision come to life, which just hammers home his own lack of involvement:

There's no casting in place yet, but the search for the new Caped Crusader is expected to be underway soon, with the film likely heading into production towards the end of 2019 once the script and cast are in place.

Are you excited for The Batman? Who should take on the role? Let us know down in the comments.

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