The Batman: Robert Pattinson's Villains Revealed

Two very familiar foes will be facing off with the new Batman...

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Now that it looks like we've got a new Batman with Matt Reeves apparently settling on Robert Pattinson - much to many vocal Internet fans' dismay (quelle surprise!) - we can all start looking forward to The Batman more tangibly. With casting underway, the project is clearly (finally) beyond the preliminary writing stage and we'll likely see other names joining Pattinson on the cast very soon.

We even have a big suggestion of who at least two of those names will be playing, thanks to Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision newsletter, which claims that Reeves is set on The Penguin and Catwoman for his villains. The pair, of course, have already appeared together for Tim Burton's Batman Returns and Catwoman reappeared in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises (minus the name). Both have also appeared in the frankly bonkers Gotham too.

It'll be a little while until we hear who could be playing them, since Robert Pattinson hasn't yet signed his own deal even if it is being described as "imminent," and the script isn't quite ready. Still, if he had Pattinson lined up, he surely has actors in mind to play the bad guys.

He could do a lot worse than casting Josh Gad as the Penguin, who expressed his interest very openly on social media not so long ago and who then allegedly had a meeting with Warner Bros about "future possibilities". Maybe there'd be a role for Nicholas Hoult, since he is apparently also on the very short Batman shortlist too? Cillian Murphy was, after all, cast as The Scarecrow after initially auditioning for Bruce Wayne and Heath Ledger ended up playing the Joker after being invited to test for Batman...

As for Catwoman? Mackenzie Davis would be a great pick. If Florence Pugh wasn't involved in Black Widow, she'd be an interesting one too.

What do you think of this possible news?

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