The Big Bang Theory 6.11, The Santa Simulation – Review, Discussion, Analysis

This past week’s episode has the guys, along with Stuart, dissing their girlfriends on a Saturday night for a holiday-themed…

JD Shrader



This past week’s episode has the guys, along with Stuart, dissing their girlfriends on a Saturday night for a holiday-themed game of┬áDungeons and Dragons and some much needed guy-time. What the boys fail to realize is that, as a result of game-night, the girls plan a night out on their own, and bust through the apartment door and strut their stuff as they prepare to head out. It’s nice to see Penny and Bernadette out of their daily wear and into the form-fitting, much-revealing, very nice evening decor; and it’s even better to see Amy Farrah Fowler steal the scene yet again, showing “much ankle” as she catwalks and sashays her way in and out of the boys domain.


There were several things that stand out this week include Sheldon and his ongoing distaste for the annual holiday season. What follows this reaffirmation, however, is a very touching moment where Sheldon recounts, years ago, asking Santa for his recently deceased grandfather to be returned to him. Since that wish could not be granted, Sheldon has no love lost for Christmas-time and Santa himself, thus he leaves Santa in the holiday D&D dungeon as he finished his game. The closing scene of this weeks episode has Sheldon experience a nightmare in which Santa exacts his revenge, and is again very well done by Jim Parsons.


The bigger story this week was the final return to focus on Rajesh and his on-going relationship woes. With Raj being the first elimination of the D&D game, he gets the invite to go with the girls on their night out, and they vow to help him meet someone. The result is a very heartfelt look back from Raj on his recent relationship misfires, and his desire, still, to meet someone. For all the time that the Raj character is on the receiving end of racist comedic fallout in this series, and more-so this season, it was very nice to see the writers revisit his issues with women and re-establish his desire to not be alone. Most of you who read my column know how I feel about the Rajesh character and how he has been handled in recent seasons, but this week it was nice to revisit his humanity and his longing for a partner.

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