We’re nearly there now but we can’t help feeling like a child ten days before Christmas day. That’s right Christopher Nolan’s final chapter of his epic Batman is just a week and change away and we’re positively Bat brained with anticipation.

We’ve got so much good to say about the series so far but that doesn’t mean we haven’t observed our share of inconsistencies, of unanswered questions that have been bugging us, some from the very beginning which have remained a mystery even since The Dark Knight was released.

With The Dark Knight rises so close to its premier we realise that with it comes the end to all of our queries. We may not get all the answers that we wanted but on the 20th of July we’ll have had all of the answers we’re gonna get.

So get ready for the list that WhatCulture readers deserve, not the one it needs as we consider the burning questions we’re hoping Nolan answers this month.


1. Who Were the Six People that Batman was Accused of Killing?

We know that at the end of The Dark Knight, Batman took the blame for ol’ Two Face’s little killing spree and will stand guilty in the eyes of a Gotham City citizenship this summer.

A warrant was issued by the Gotham City Police Dept. for the arrest of the vigilante known as the Batman. A copy of this warrant was posted to TheDarkKnightRises.com and you can clearly glean that Bats is accused of killing six people in total; two of which are GCPD officers and one of which is Harvey Dent.

For a vigilante that doesn’t kill that’s a fairly hefty body count of supposedly upstanding individuals. But who are the other three? Are we talking no name Gotham citizens or Dent’s own henchmen? Is the answer actually in The Dark Knight and we just weren’t paying attention? Or are more mysteries to be told in The Dark Knight Rises?

Hopefully time will tell.

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This article was first posted on July 10, 2012