The Dark Knight Rises: 10 Questions We Still Want Answered

The dust might have settled, but some criticisms of Nolan’s plot just won’t die as easily…

Simon Gallagher

Executive Editor

Let’s get this out of the way right away – The Dark Knight Rises has its moments. It features some truly mind-blowing sequences and you can’t fault director Christopher Nolan’s dedication to creating a spectacle befitting the ceremonial importance of the final film in a trilogy. But unfortunately, you can fault him and his script-writing team for a number of other things that made the film far from flawless.

I’m sick of being told my problems with The Dark Knight Rises are no more than the exasperated frustrations of an unpleasable fan-boy, spouting venom about a film that was always doomed to fail because of my loaded expectations and my desire for something perfectly formed. That isn’t it at all, and as further reviews have come in, and more and more people have expressed dissatisfaction at Nolan’s trilogy-ender, I feel that my own reading of the film has found its kin. I am no disgruntled voice in the dark, no small island resisting a tidal wave of positive reviews, and my dissatisfaction is based on logical and technical flaws, and not empty anger.

And of course this wasn’t the only flawed film, riddled with plot-holes, it’s just impossible to ignore the ceremony attached to the film. It was supposed to be a fitting end to the trilogy, tying everything up and adding an appropriate full-stop to the biggest film trilogy of the past decade, and as a result every problem was magnified. But then, unthinkably, some of the problems were already glaring enough in their own regard.

Ranging from the huge gaping holes in the plot which made a lot of critics unhappy, to the silly, but still frustrating nit-picking points that just left a slight sense of bewilderment, this is a not quite definitive look at the most annoying questions left after the end of The Dark Knight Rises…

You might have heard some of them before, but that doesn’t make them any less pressing. And no, “how does Bane eat?” didn’t make the short-list in the end. Click next to reveal all.