The Dark Knight Rises – 10 Things We Are Still Talking About

As The Dust Begins To Settle…

David Howland


As The Dust Begins To Settle…

The Dark Knight Rises is no longer top of the UK or US box office, so as Batman begins his decent its time to get reflective on what exactly Christopher Nolan has achieved. Was the bat’s third and final reign under Nolan underwhelming? Did fans subconsciously want to hate it? Or was it indeed the masterpiece finale everyone had surely hoped for?

The intention of the following 10 points is not to bitch and moan, but to highlight the things that are being talked about in its aftermath, or indeed, what should be being talked about. It takes a look at the film’s wider significance, it’s downright achievement, it’s criticisms and its legacy.

A lot has been said not only about The Dark Knight Rises, but Nolan’s Batman trilogy as a whole, yet still there’s a lot more to say, so without further ado, here are 10 things we feel are worth your consideration.

Yes, there are probably more than 10 talking points, so feel free to add your own at the bottom or if you’re feeling extra constructive just familiarise yourself with the spelling of “sigh” and tell us why we’re wrong.

It should also be noted that the article is written with reference to the films, not the preceding comic books, though more on that later.

Warning: May contain spoilers.