The Dark Knight Rises: 3 Ways Batman Could Have Returned To Gotham

Here are three ways that could explain the return of Batman, at least one of which we dearly wish had been included.

Costandinos Karalis


How did Bruce Wayne get from India (at least that’s where the prison exteriors were shot) to Gotham City with no money to his name? This is known as the loop-hole of the summer, the one thing that left us confused and asking questions.

This scene took a lot of us out of Chris Nolan’s realistic movie and made us think twice. I loved The Dark Knight Rises but most of you know how impossible that scene was.

Here are three ways that could explain the return of Batman, at least one of which we dearly wish had been included;

3. Liar

After climbing out of the pit, Bruce is seen walking off. Let’s just say, despite all of his injuries, he keeps walking. He walks for maybe the rest of the day and stops at the first city he finds. Even though Bruce Wayne has lost all of his money, he still has a famous face, meaning people will definitely know him. Even in India, people will see him and associate him with his wealth. In our world, news travels fast, but maybe the news of his bankruptcy didn’t quite make it to India yet, or maybe it did. But, if it didn’t, then Bruce has the perfect opportunity to lie.

Now, in India, it is very common to see large cargo planes dropping off goods for trade, let’s say that Bruce was there on trade-day. It would have been really easy for him to talk to the pilot (who would recognize him), and offer the man some money. Let’s say Bruce tells the pilot to fly him to Gotham for the pay of one million dollars (once they land in Gotham). Of course, we know that Bruce can’t pay that, but the man doesn’t know that. Someone (such as the pilot) who needs money and knows who Bruce Wayne is, would make the deal in a heartbeat. This transaction part of the story would require a translator, or, because the pilot trades between many cities it is possible for him to speak English. All that’s left is buckling up for the incredibly long ride back to Gotham.

Some of you might say: “He’s Batman, he wouldn’t lie and cheat this innocent man!” The answer to that question is yes, yes he would. What’s more important, one man getting paid, or the lives of thousands?

I know that this story is full of “what if’s” and coincidences, but, if everything worked out as said above, then there is a chance for Bruce Wayne’s return.

P.S. The next two stories require less luck than this one, thus making them more plausible.