The Dark Knight Rises New Viral – Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Role Detailed

John Blake’s performance evaluation document reveals new details on Levitt’s character.

Shaun Munro


The folks over at Superhero Hype have uncovered yet another aspect of Warner Brothers’ extensive marketing campaign for The Dark Knight Rises, providing insight into Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character of Gotham police officer John Blake by way of a performance evaluation document.

Providing hints at what might be in store for him in Christopher Nolan’s much-awaited saga-ending film, the report predictably states that Blake “displays a high degree of honesty, loyalty and integrity”, as well as a physical fitness level that received a 5/5. These virtues are no surprise given the inference from trailers that he will be working closely with Batman – and possibly Catwoman – to bring down Gotham’s menace, Bane.

However, the “degree to which [he] is able to work as part of a team” is given only a 3/5, as is his ability to “effective [communicate] with co-workers”, implying a certain defiant streak that will likely have him steering away from Gotham PD’s own goals for the sake of something bigger, that being Batman’s. The written supporting statement nevertheless closes by suggesting that they “need more officers like him”.

Given the persistent Internet rumours that John Blake will, in fact, take up the Batman mantle from Bruce Wayne at the film’s conclusion, fans are likely to pore over this and any other virals that might surface for clues to that effect. Though fans will have to draw their own conclusions, his 5/5 rating for physical fitness, driving skills, stress management and criminal engagement would seem to, alongside his questionable fidelity to authority, make him a prime candidate for Batman 2.0.

This is the latest in a line of viral campaigns being rolled out by Warner prior to the film’s release, with previous ones focusing on Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart).

We can find out for ourselves what John Blake’s place in Batman’s plan is on July 20th when The Dark Knight Rises is released in cinemas.