The Dark Knight Rises Sequel: 10 Things Warner Bros Must Get Right

The Dark Knight Rises is not the end… it is simply the beginning.

Matt Holmes


Chris Nolan has officially left the Batman film universe and has had his final say on The Caped Crusader, delivering a giant-sized epic of a finale with The Dark Knight Rises that although wasn’t perfect, was an exhilarating and breathtaking experience to behold. It was so large-scaled, so massive in scope and ambition that it is almost hard to see how anyone can take the Batman character on film forward from here… but forward it must go. “Batman must endure” as Alfred advises in The Dark Knight and we all know he will be back on our screens in a matter of years.

One of my favourite Batman titles (and I mean just specifically the title) is Joel Schmaucher’s 1995 film Batman Forever. It has a mythic, timeless quality that is so befitting of the character who has existed in popular culture for over nine decades, much longer than I imagine 99.9% of the people reading this article have been sucking air and he will live on for 100% longer than our own lifespans. Batman will live on, artists will be telling his story, re-telling his origin and finding new ways to develop the character long after everyone has forgotten about us.

Batman is not a fad. Perhaps in ten years, new movies involving the character won’t hit the $1 billion mark like they are currently but there will always be films that pull in over several hundred million dollars and that, for good or bad, will be dominating the filmic discussion over the summer months whenever there is a new movie about The Caped Crusader.

The Dark Knight Rises is not the end… it is simply the beginning. A new dawn is coming and a new Batman movie is inevitable and the way Chris Nolan and Warner Bros consciously ended The Dark Knight Rises shows us that, unlike The Amazing Spider-Man, the next movie will most likely be a continuation, Batman 4 rather than Batman 1 if you get me.

With that in mind, here’s ten things we want to see…