The Dark Knight Rises Spoilers: What Does The Ending REALLY Mean?

Spoilers in this article about the ending to The Dark Knight Rises. Read it when you've seen the film...

The Dark Knight Rises opens in cinemas across the world in less than 24 hours. US screenings begin at midnight tonight, UK screenings take place at around 5am on Friday so that the film is in synch worldwide. From what I've been told those early morning screenings have proved to be amazingly popular and a lot of cinema chains nationwide are sold out or almost sold out for perhaps the most inconvenient opening time in the history of film! What Culture were fortunate enough to see the film yesterday and you can read our spoiler free review HERE. I saw the movie at my local IMAX last night at a special preview screening and boy I'll tell ya, no matter how epic you think The Dark Knight Rises will be now, just wait until you see it. This is by far the biggest scale comic book movie of all time. Yes, The Avengers' last twenty minutes felt big and was ungodly awesome but the threat feels larger in The Dark Knight Rises simply because it's so much more realistic. This is our world, a film for our times, and a movie that because of certain events in the last decade or so feel scarily possible. 9/11, July 7/7, Occupy Wall Street, the UK riots last year. That stadium scene that was the focal point of the first trailer will give you goosebumps in the cinema and the vibrations of the film's astonishing sound will have you shake with emotion. But I'm not hear to review the film. You've already read that... I'm here specifically for the ending and my reading of it; SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT... CLICK "NEXT" TO CONTINUE

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