Whether you loved it or hated it, there’s simply no denying that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises was one of the grandest film events of the last year. Riding on a wave of expectation fuelled by a clever, hyper-spinning marketing campaign, the film purported to be the full-stop on Nolan’s trilogy; offering answers and some finality to arguably the finest superhero franchise of all time.

But regardless of the hype, the film certainly wasn’t universally loved. It was criticised as openly as it was widely heralded, and the internet and fan communities exploded in a rage-fuelled squall as the warring factions pressed home their conflicting opinions.

It was over-blown, but it was the perfect answer to the occasion of the event. It was full of holes, but then, so is every blockbuster. And it was spectacularly messy, but at least it aimed to make something great of a genre that had lost its way and its credibility a number of times over the past few decades. There seems to have been no general consensus on the film, with critics and fans split (even if the film did make an astronomical amount at the box office).

So where do we stand? Even in the sprawling online halls of WhatCulture, there are a thousand opinions on the biggest Batman film ever released. In the following article, Brogan Morris and Jack Holder square up to argue the merits of Nolan’s epic Batman finale.

First up, the reasons it’s okay to hate Nolan’s epic trilogy ender…

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This article was first posted on March 26, 2013