The Dark Knight Rises TV Spot 3: “You’re Not Batman Anymore”

Plus a new promo image of Anne Hathaway’s sultry Catwoman hits the net!

Don Hohner II


Yet another tv spot for “The Dark Knight Rises” has cropped up on the Internet. As with many of the release tv spots for Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film, the bulk of the footage is made up from the previous full length trailers and some is from the prologue. However as we have seen before, new tidbits of footage keep showing up in these little bursts of marketing.

Watch it below;

This time around we are treated to a line of dialogue that no Bat-fan has ever wanted to hear uttered: Alfred telling Bruce that he isn’t Batman anymore… Chilling stuff. We also get to see a slightly extended look at Bruce climbing out of the pit that always shows up in every sneak peak. Another brief shot shows Bruce screaming at the top of his lungs in horror. God only knows what causes that little outburst but like everything else about this film, we will all just have to sit and wait until July 20th!

Meanwhile a few new promo images for the film have been released. Coming Soon have collated them but here’s the only one really worth looking at, an image of the sultry Anne Hathaway as Catwoman;